Things To Do Before Baby Arrives

With just a few weeks left for the due date, you might be so excited with the arrival of your little one. However, before you get too happy, look around you and see if everything is ready for the baby’s arrival. No matter how early you start your preparation; there could always be some things you’ve missed. It is not always about buying the crib, pram or bibs on time, it is about preparing yourself mentally and physically for the baby’s arrival. So here some of the things you could do before the little one arrives.

  • Take a parenting class
    This is useful especially if you are expecting your first child. Parenting can be a daunting task. Endless cries of the little one, late night feeding, countless piles of diapers; it is not going to be an easy road. Hence you need to know exactly what needs to be done. You older relatives might give you so much advice that you’d start getting confused later on. So, the best is you join a parenting class than spending time going shopping for kids designer shoes. The instructors are a reliable source since they are trained and certified for that job. They will be able to tell you everything, from the changes in your body during pregnancy, to the food that you and baby need to eat and how he needs to be bathed etc. Ensure your husband attends these classes too as you will not go through this road alone.
  • Have some fun
    You will not have much free time to yourself once the baby arrives and so now is the time to pamper yourself. Go on a date with your husband. It might sound silly but you’ll need it. With all this pregnancy-rush, of course you didn’t have much time to take care of him. So spend some quality time with him and ensure you are both happy when the little one arrives. If you have more children, go on a family outing. You can even go out with your friends. Go shopping for girls clothing for the little girl, go for a movie, visit an art gallery or simply, spend a day at a spa. It will surely relax you.
  • Pack your bag
    Of course you’ve been given a due date, however there could be sudden changes and complications. It is essential that you stay ready to be rushed to hospital and hence keep your bags packed early on. Include you’ll need for a few days’ stay; your pajamas, robe, slippers and any other items that will soothe you during contractions. Also make a list of items that you need to grab while rushing out the door.