4 Important Steps You Must Consider To Become A Preschool Teacher

4 Important Steps You Must Consider To Become A Preschool Teacher

If you love children and helping them in their education and life skills then becoming a preschool teacher may be an ideal choice. It is one of the most rewarding jobs that you can do and are appealing both personally and financially. You can gain the necessary education and experience in a relatively short period of time if you make the effort and sacrifices. Getting an education on teaching will help you create a lesson plan and set up classrooms so that it can be fun and effective. Here are some basic steps that you need to take in order to become a preschool teacher.

Obtaining a high school diploma

In order to start teaching preschool you must have the minimum requirements such as a high school diploma and a certificate in education; preferably early childhood teaching and education. With this, you can go on to obtain an associates or bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. Most schools require their teachers to have a bachelor’s degree usually. Attending nursery art online education programs along with other skills based programs for children will help you integrate in to a child’s environment well.

Getting certified

As a preschool teacher, it is mandatory to get the teaching certification in order to start teaching, especially at public schools. Even if this means getting children to paint watercolor art prints online or as classroom activities, the teacher must be fully equipped with the necessary qualifications. This includes sitting for state certification exams after completion of your bachelor’s degree. When it comes to certain certifications such as the Child Development Associate, the criteria are very specific such as completing 480 hours of working with children and more than 120 hours of formal education.

Maintaining your certification

It is however not just about getting the certification, once you complete it, it is important to continue your education in order to maintain it. Your certification must be up to date at all times and demonstrate active teaching practices in order to continue teaching in a preschool. Furthermore, preschool teachers in public schools are required to take part in professional development programs at each renewal of their certification to maintain their teaching certification.

Getting relevant work experience

Work experience can be obtained through various ways, such as working with children in tutoring or baby sitting at home or by working as an assistant in a preschool or in a day care. Contact schools in your local community for tutoring opportunities and initially you can start by baby-sitting children of close family and friends to get the experience.