Ways To Design A Room For A Boy?

Usually at a particular age the parents make sure to train their children to sleep alone. This is a good practice as they learn to become independent. But some families due to the lack of space and money to build a room they sleep together. If one is unable to think of a nice design for the room, one could always spend a little more money and hire a experienced interior designer. Interior designer have the ability to understand the clients requirements and they delivery with finesse.

Before getting down to designing the room, one must calculate ones budget and cut ones cloak according to the available cloth. And always keep in mind that sometimes you can get tempted in spending extravagantly but by doing so one is losing the chance of purchasing the most important things. There are many more ideas about modern art for kids these days.

The colour theme for a boy’s room is usually blue but of course it is such a cliché perspective that has been running for ages. Boy’s rooms could also be white, cream and grey. If the boy is less than the age of 5 then a blue room would be the best wall colour. One does not even have to paint the walls. Now thanks to the advancement of technology one could find wall murals and get a customised design according to your child’s favourite cartoon or super hero. It could be Spiderman, McQueen or even Basket ball and all of these could be printed and could act as a personalised wall paper. Making the room are elegant and attractive will surely make your child love the room.

For the bed, one could either get a normal bed or a custom made bed which could depict a car or a cartoon character. The bed sheet, pillow cases and curtains could all be made to suit a given theme. Childrens lamps could also be placed at the bed side table or even on the study table.

Some kids might be afraid of the dark initially so a bed side children’s lamp is a very good solution to fix that problem. Make sure when designing the room to keep all the sockets and power cables out of the child’s reach. Keep the switches of the light and fan at a level such that even the child can access it. Initially when the child is starting to learn to sleep in a room, make sure to sleep with them as they tend to get scared and anxious. Keep the door of the room open at all times during the initially stages.