The Truth About The Life Of A Spent Cow

Milk is a miraculous substance that the body produces to feed a new born. If you have been a parent, especially a mother, you will appreciate the sheer magic of the body producing milk for your young and you will know just how much your own body strained and hurt in order to feed your baby and yet, it all seems worth it in the end because this is what your body was meant to do as a mother. The truth is however, you do not have to be a mother in order to appreciate the value of breast milk to an infant. You too would have survived on this as a new born and if you have friends and siblings that have given birth, you would have experienced the magic of it firsthand. Go here  for more information about milk. 

Cows are mothers too

It is important for you to realize that a cow, just like a human must be pregnant in order to produce milk and when she does, she produces it for her own new born infant calf. Yet, cow’s milk is a multibillion dollar industry and humans cannot afford to have the milk “wasted” by having the baby calf, who the milk truly belongs to drink it. The milk brands that invest in hiding the truth about the dairy industry will not tell you about artificial insemination, the process of forcefully impregnating a cow over and over again to make her produce milk and then stealing her newborn away from her at birth in order to steal her breast milk for the consumption of the human adult that has no need for breast milk at all. The great milk reviews that you read will not tell you that these babies, stolen from their mothers at birth while their mother’s wail are taken immediately to slaughter and sold as veal, a delicacy for the rich and if born female, will be raised in slavery on artificial food until they are old enough to be artificially inseminated themselves and made pregnant to produce milk.Milk is produced in the mammalian body to sustain a new born until he or she is able to digest solids and after this, the mammalian body has no need for this infant growth fluid and yet, the dairy industry convinces us that somehow, the human adult body needs to drink the breast milk of a cow in order to survive and this brain washing is so strong that a majority of the worth believes it and continues to drink breast milk and that of a cow no less, in to adulthood and often until the day they die.